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Thousands of homeowners and businesses are discovering the power of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels which convert energy from sunlight into electricity. McNae Electrical Solutions supplies and installs solar systems across the lower North Island. Solar electric panels on your roof can save you money—slashing your electricity bill!

Investing in a McNae Electrical Solutions Solar PV system is great for you and great for the environment. With our energy saving technology, have a solar system that generates your own electricity powering your home or business throughout the seasons, year after year.


It's easy to see why so many people are adding solar electric generation:

  • Reduce or even eliminate electricity bills
  • Avoid future electricity price rises
  • Energy from the sun is free!
  • Add value to your property
  • Clean green with no CO2 emissions
  • Virtually maintenance free—no moving parts or batteries
  • Grid-tie inverters with electricity generation and export to the grid
  • Standalone solar systems with battery and/or generator backup

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We offer:

  • Experience—we have completed many solar projects.
  • A large team—McNae Electrical Solutions can handle any size job—big or small.
  • Design and installation of any Solar PV system—grid connected, off grid, hybrid.
  • Top quality equipment—we install the 'best of the best' Our systems last the distance giving you the peace of mind that comes from reliable equipment.
  • A five year total peace of mind installation warranty. This is in addition to manufacturer warranties.
  • Project management from beginning to end including all necessary steps to obtain network connection approvals, new metering connections, certification, inspection etc.
  • Full compliance with all relevant New Zealand standards and the Building Code.
  • Peace of mind. We are a local company that has been in business for over 25 years. Because of this, we know what it takes to supply and service equipment that has a long lifespan - like solar. Being local also means that we are only a phone call away and are easily able to visit you and give personal advice and recommendations.


Please note that the installation of a Photovoltaic solar electric system is classed as "Prescribed Electrical Work" and only registered electricians are allowed by law to install and certify such work. By employing McNae Electrical Solutions to install your system you can be assured of a safe, legal and compliant solution.


How does it work?

Solar How it works diagramSolar PV panels are installed on your roof or on a ground-mounted frame. The panels are mounted on special rails that fix directly to your roof with weatherproof brackets. A series of roof-mounted inverters (one per panel) or a wall-mounted inverter, convert the solar generated DC energy into 230v AC which is fed into your house switchboard and then to the electricity grid. Your electricity retailer will install a special import-export meter that measures the electricity you use and the excess electricity you generate that you don’t consume. This excess is sold back to the retailer. At night when your panels are not generating electricity you draw power from the grid. The solar panels generate electricity in all weather. It is not heat that generates electricity, but light. The system continues to operate even in winter.

Solar PV—better than solar hot water

Don’t get confused; this is not a solar hot water system. Solar hot water can only reduce your water heating costs; but a solar electric system provides for your total energy needs. When you generate electricity it is simply fed into your existing switchboard to power all your normal appliances—which includes your hot water. Any excess is sold back to the grid.



You save money in three ways. First, you will use less electricity from the grid. Second, you will be paid for excess power that you don’t use, and third, the value of your house will increase because of the solar system.

Return on investment

Installing solar panels

Installing a solar system is an investment that pays great returns. Most systems completely repay their initial cost within 10 – 12 years. After that it’s all money in the bank. And with solar panels guaranteed to still be producing 80% of their power after 25 years, the benefits are long term. That’s why houses with solar PV systems installed command a premium in resale value. See here for proof of this: Study shows solar increases resale value. All of this equates to a tax free return on investment of about 9%. If you have savings in the bank, you may only be getting a third of this rate. Why not invest instead in your own power generation system. It makes great financial sense! The price of solar panels has recently dropped considerably, so there is no better time to invest.


Will my roof be suitable?

If you have a roof that reasonably faces north and is not shaded, then yes, it will be suitable. We can install on sloping or flat roofs with any type of roof cladding. We can even incorporate panels into garden structures.

Our Process

  1. We call to discuss your options
  2. We design your system and provide an obligation-free quote
  3. A 10% deposit is paid
  4. We prepare all the paperwork, obtain Network company approval and order a meter change from your electricity retailer
  5. We install and commission your system
  6. The system is tested by an independent electrical inspector
  7. We provide full documentation, explain how it all works and settle the final invoice

Why Choose Us?

NZ regulations require that solar electric systems be installed by registered electricians. As qualified electricians with extensive solar experience, McNae Electrical Solutions will size a system that is perfectly matched to your needs. As professionals, we maintain strict quality standards using only the best equipment. Our inverters come from international companies located in New Zealand, Germany or USA. Our solar panels come from one of the largest manufacturer of panels in the world. Roof attachment systems are all engineer-certified to exceed NZ building code requirements, and our installation work meets all electrical regulations. The panels have a 25 year performance warranty. You can rest assured that your system will be properly quoted, professionally installed and fully guaranteed, with all the advice you need along the way. McNae Electrical Solutions is a family owned business that has been operating in the Manawatu for over 25 years.


Yes, we supply and install solar PV installations. But we also back that up with the experience and expertise required to implement any electrical work you may require. Our name says it all—we have the solutions to all your electrical needs—residential, commercial, and industrial.


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Clenergy Racking systems

Enphase Micro inverters

Canadian Solar PV panels

Outback Power off-grid systems

Victron Energy

Enasolar certified installer

Fronius Inverters


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Time Lapse Video of a large solar installation

McNae Electrical Solutions has installed hundreds of solar electric systems and thousands of solar panels.  We install systems as small as four solar panels, but we also install large commercial systems. We've put together a time-lapse video that shows the installation of our largest system to date. We not only install large and small systems, we also install more systems than anyone else combined in the Manawatu.


View Enphase systems installed by McNae Electrical Solutions

Enphase systems installed by McNae Electrical Solutions


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Our name says it all - we have the "solutions" to all your electrical needs - residential, commercial, and industrial, lifestyle & farm.

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2018 Field Days Promo

Pay a $100 deposit and get a free Envoy-S

Visit our stand at the Central District Field Days from March 15-17 at Manfeild, Feilding and talk to us about solar. Pay a $100 deposit at the Show and we'll install a free Envoy-S into your solar PV system valued at $900.

The Envoy-S gives award-winning monitoring of your solar system generation and total insight into the consumption of electricity in your property. You can see where the electricity is coming from and going to so you can be more energy efficient and save money.

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Family owned, we are one of the larger electrical contracting businesses in Palmerston North with 100% local ownership. We are happy to discuss our potential involvement in any project you may have.


10 Good Reasons to choose McNae Electrical Solutions:

1. Our friendly team will give your job personal attention.

2. Guaranteed workmanship.

3. We are one of the larger electrical contracting businesses in Palmerston North.

4. 100% locally owned with over 25 years experience in servicing the Manawatu.

5. We do it all. Engage one company to complete your whole job.

6. Free quotes and prompt response when you call us.

7. 24 hour call out and emergency repair service.

8. We operate ethically in accordance with best industry practices.

9. We have a strong commitment to health and safety.

10. When we finish we tidy up and leave your place perfectly clean.

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